Asus RT-N66U Wireless-N900 Dual Band Router Review

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Asus RT-N66U Wireless-N900 Dual Band Router Review

Here is Asus's popular wifi router, the RT-N66U wireless-N900 gigabit that can give you awesome performance as well as coverange range. Asus packs this router with the new ASUSWRT user interface that allow you to set up your personal network, customize settings for user access and watch the strength of signal quickly and easily.

The device not only can increase wifi speed on 2.4GHz bands but it can also increase the speed of wifi in 2.4GHz bands. It means this router is perfect for bandwidth-demanding task.. for example, if you love to watch movies or TV shows online streaming, gaming in multiplayer mode, file sharing via USB hard drive and even USB connected printer sharing.

Asus includes Built-in Wi-Fi amplifier to this router so it can be used in many network environtment, like larger or multi level houses, larger apartement, and so forth, thanks to signal range that can hit many dead spots. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner,or tech-savvy enthusiast, it is guaranteed that the RT-N66U easy to use, also it's equipped ti with Quick Installation Setup (QIS) where you don't need any CD at all to start the installation process. Just plug-n-surf.. connect your laptops, Macbook, tablets and other wireless-enabled devices quickly.

Yes, with the RT-N66U wireless router, the installation is very simple.. Just power and connect this router then open your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc in a wireless-enabled device including your laptop, mobile phones, tablet. You'll be redirected to a setup page.. you will be asked to enter ID/Password from your ISP.. that's it.

Other key features of this router are

- Fast installation with awesome design
- Functions is powerful and easiest application managements
- There are 2 built-in usb ports
- From anywhere, you can download and stream.
- Create Guest Network Access
- VPN Server Enabled

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