Advantages & Disadvantages of Lease or Buy Your Own Cable Modem.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Lease or Buy Your Own Cable Modem.

In this article you will find a good information about advantages & disadvantages of lease or buy your own cable modem. Let's take a closer look ;

Advantages of Rent a cable modem from Internet service provider

1. You will have the perfect modem and its equipment for your Internet service package and the speed of your connection can reaches top speed.

2. You will get helpful support from technical team so in case you find a problem with your connection or modem, you can contact support and service center.. They will help you as soon as possible and fully responsible.


1. With all equipment from the provider, of course you need to pay all of these items every month, Currently priced at 8 to 10 dollars per month.

2. If you decide not to use their service anymore, you will have to return all equipment.. You have nothing..

Advantages of buy your own

1. Of course you can save more money and eliminates monthly fees for modem rental.. Visit your favorit online store, Amazon for example.. you can find a variety of cable modem in their websites, you can filters based on ISP or Price.. To make sure, contact your ISP to ask them list of approved modems by their service. Most modems priced between $50 and $100 and modem with router aka Combo with higher price. And this is one-time purchase.. No need to pay monthly.

2. You are fully responsible for the cable modem you have bought


If you face issue with your connection, cable modem especially, you need to contact the seller.. and your ISP may can not help you.

That's is... what do you think about this article?? Do you already have your own or you rent from ISP?? share your experience here with us and we will happy to assist you.

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